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    Last updated: March 2, 2022

    Important Notice:

  • At ACN Financial we are committed to prioritizing the protection and satisfaction of our valued customers. We understand that entrusting your hard-earned money with us requires confidence, and we strive to ensure a secure and transparent investment experience. To demonstrate our dedication to customer protection, we provide the following guarantee:

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    Security of Funds

    At ACN Financial, we place the utmost importance on the security and well-being of our valued clients. As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and reliable financial environment, we are proud to introduce our new Customer Fund Protection Guarantee policy. This initiative is designed to shield your hard-earned investments from unforeseen circumstances such as account breaches or unauthorized transactions.

    Why Customer Fund Protection Guarantee Matters: We understand that the peace of mind and confidence you have in managing your investments are paramount. Therefore, we have implemented this innovative policy to ensure that you can invest with the utmost reassurance and security. Our Customer Fund Protection Guarantee offers the following key benefits:

    1. Automatic Fund Switch to Fixed Account: In the unfortunate event of an account breach or any unauthorized activity on your investment account, our system will immediately detect the irregularity and activate the Customer Fund Protection Guarantee. Subsequently, your regularly invested funds will be swiftly and automatically switched to a designated fixed account. This fixed account will be meticulously overseen and controlled by our company's expert financial team to prevent any further exposure to potential risks.

    2. Uninterrupted Protection: Rest assured that while your funds are transferred to the fixed account, your investment activities will continue without interruption. The transition will be seamless, and your financial goals will remain on track, safeguarded by our comprehensive security measures.

    3. Expert Monitoring and Resolution: Our team of seasoned financial professionals will diligently monitor the fixed account during its protection tenure. Any suspicious or unauthorized activities will be promptly identified, and immediate action will be taken to rectify the situation. Our focus is not only on protecting your funds but also on resolving any issues with the utmost efficiency.

    4. Transparent Communication: Throughout the process, we will maintain transparent and open communication with you, keeping you informed about the steps taken and any progress made. Our customer support team will be readily available to address any concerns you may have, ensuring you are continuously updated on the status of your investments.

    5. Redefining Security Standards: The Customer Fund Protection Guarantee reflects our unwavering commitment to your financial safety and reinforces our dedication to upholding the highest industry security standards. We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology and robust security protocols to create a fortified financial environment for all our clients.

    We believe that a solid foundation of trust is crucial for a successful and enduring client relationship. The implementation of our Customer Fund Protection Guarantee is a testament to our dedication to your financial prosperity and security.

    Regulatory Compliance:

    As an investment company, we adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry best practices. We are fully registered and regulated by the appropriate financial authorities, ensuring that our operations meet the highest standards of compliance and transparency.

    Risk Management:

    We employ experienced professionals who employ rigorous risk management strategies to minimize investment risks. Our team conducts thorough research, analysis, and due diligence to make informed investment decisions on your behalf, aiming to maximize returns while managing risks effectively.

    Transparent Communication:

    We believe in maintaining open and transparent communication with our customers. We provide regular updates on the performance of your investments, including detailed reports, statements, and access to an online portal where you can track the progress of your portfolio. Our customer service representatives are available to address any inquiries or concerns promptly.

    Complaint Resolution:

    In the event that you encounter any issues or have concerns about our services, we have a dedicated customer support team committed to resolving complaints promptly and fairly. We will handle your complaint with the utmost professionalism and strive to find a satisfactory resolution in line with regulatory guidelines.

    Financial Compensation:

    While investments inherently carry risks, in the unlikely event of any financial loss resulting from our negligence or failure to meet our obligations, we will take appropriate measures to compensate you in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.